Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents can occur in a range of circumstances, not always involving two car drivers. Personal injury* can affect cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists alike.

Traffic Accidents and Personal Injury*

 At Pilar our solictors work in all areas of traffic claims, using the most up to date expertise in a range of areas, helping some of the road’s most vulnerable users. If you’ve been involved in an accident, we have the skills and expertise to assess your claim’s potential quickly and clearly. We operate a nationwide network, so can also make use of valuable local knowledge when it comes to your case.

Motorbike Accidents

Motorbike accidents can be complex. Often bikers are involved in accidents with cars or larger vehicles and there may also be adverse road conditions to add to the situation. It’s important to stay calm following an accident as any engaging in any debate with another driver can only add to the stress of your injury. If you have been knocked to the ground and are in pain, it’s advisable not to attempt to get up, in case you aggravate an injury. The emergency services will determine whether you should be moved. They are the experts.

When it comes to assessing your claim, the experts at will advise you on your best course of action. We will be honest and direct about how we think your claim will be viewed. We have over 20 years’ experience of the personal injury* claims area and been involved both in pursuing and defending motorbike claims, so we know what to expect and can guarantee you the best advice. Turn on JavaScript! to speak to an expert solicitor who will go through your potential claim with you, no matter where in the country the accident occurred.

Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists can be vulnerable on the road. Even if you’re wearing a helmet, reflective gear, have adequate lighting on your bike and obey the rules, you can still unfortunately be victims of careless driving or dangerous potholes. Often cyclists tell us that they feel there is an assumption that they at fault, even when this is deemed not to be the case. We understand how susceptible to injury people on bikes are, both in busy traffic and in rural areas. We also know that you need the best advice, if you feel that you’ve suffered injury due to the actions of others.

We will listen to you carefully and give you open and expert advice on whether we think you have potential for a claim. Our years of dealing with cyclists have given us valuable insight into how to assess your claim. You can talk to one of experts who will go through the incident with you and give you the best advice on how to proceed. We’re a nationwide network, so when you contact us, we can deal with your claim no matter where in the country you live or where the accident occurred.

Injuries to Pedestrians

The most common injury a pedestrian suffers is a result of being struck by a vehicle. This can often result in psychological injury as well as physical. Following an accident, you may become very wary when out walking or become a nervous pedestrian. Of course, the physical effects may result in ongoing medical treatment from doctors and physiotherapists, often at a lot of expense to the victim.

It can be difficult to negotiate your way through your legal rights as a pedestrian. That is where come in. We have vast experience in dealing with accident claims by pedestrians and will guide you through your claim, the Injuries Board or any other official channel you may need to go through.

We will talk to you about your accident and give you a clear answer about whether we think your claim is viable or not. We will treat you with respect and help in any way we can. Turn on JavaScript! to talk to one of our expert solicitors in confidence.

What We Offer

If you’ve been involved in a road accident as a motorcyclist, cyclist or pedestrian and have suffered as a result, you may have a case to make a personal injury* claim.  At Pilar our solicitors we will advise you on whether we think you have grounds to make a claim. We will give you honest and expert opinion about all aspects of your case, using clear and jargon free language.

  • We will work directly on your behalf, negotiating the legal system for you.
  • We can provide expert witnesses with extensive experience of personal injury* cases
  • We work with the best medical professionals in relation to medical reports
  • We work with the most experienced network of barristers available
  • We are a nationwide network and work with clients throughout Ireland

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