Medical Negligence

Most medical practitioners do their very best to deliver the best care to patients, whether in hospital or elsewhere. There are times however, when they make mistakes or when treatment given is in error or does not meet with recognised standards.

Medical Negligence* Claims

 Sometimes patients themselves are aware that something is wrong or that inadequate standards existed in their treatment, but are unsure what to do about it.

People are often wary about questioning experts, but there are times when those who have received treatment, feel that they have suffered due to the inaction, error or negligence of those who delivered their medical care. In these instances, it’s important to find out if this is the case. Not only may you be entitled to claim for medical negligence*, but you may also prevent the situation occurring in the future, with another member of the public. At Pilar, our solicitors will listen to you, respect your views and will advise you on the best course of action to take.

What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence* can occur in a range of ways and from different types of treatment, including routine medical procedures, cosmetic surgery or dental treatment. What exactly is medical negligence? Essentially medical negligence* can happen when a person suffers personal injury* as a result of the action or lack of action of a medical person or team. Some of the areas that medical negligence can cover include when:

  • A diagnosis was delayed or was wrong
  • The level of care received was poor or put you at risk
  • A test, operation or treatment was carried out incorrectly or was the wrong treatment
  • A lack of care caused injury during birth or giving birth
  • An infection occurred due to lack of standards or hygiene
  • Treatment made a situation worse, rather than better
  • Cosmetic surgery resulted in psychological or other trauma

There are a wide range of areas and consequences, when it comes to medical negligence*, some of which may not be always initially apparent. It’s vital to get the right advice if you think that your treatment, or lack of, has caused you injury. Pilar can give you that advice in a safe secure and confidential environment. We understand that sometimes those in the medical professions get things wrong. We won’t patronise you. We’ll listen to you and guide you, treating you with respect at all times.

Making a Claim

We often find that when it comes to medical issues, clients have already told people close to them of their concerns about their treatment. Often they’ve listened to numerous opinions on what they should do, or in some cases, have been told that they are overreacting or that they should just try to get better. At Pilar, our solicitors are experts in personal injury* and we can give you skilled and honest advice, based on our years of working in the area. We will give you a clear idea of whether we think you have grounds for making a claim and we will do so quickly.

Medical Experts

At Pilar, our solicitors, work with medical experts from Ireland and abroad. Together we will assess the legal and medical aspects of your treatment or the lack of care and attention that has occurred. We have the ability to obtain and examine your medical records or history of treatment. Our experts are thorough and we will do everything to make sure that you have all the information and the best advice available.

The medical experts we work with are highly experienced in the area of assessing medical negligence* and leave nothing to chance. It’s important to trust people who will handle your case. At Pilar, our legal and medical teams know how stressful it can be to suffer personal injury* when you expected that medical treatment would enhance your quality of life. We will make sure that you get access to the best medical advice available, no matter what the area of medicine or treatment is.

What We Offer

If you have suffered an injury following medical or dental treatment and feel that that responsibility lies with a third party, you may have a case to make a medical negligence* claim.  At Pilar our solicitors will advise you on whether we think you have grounds to make a claim. We will give you honest and expert opinion about all aspects of your case, using clear and jargon free language.

  • We will work directly on your behalf, negotiating the legal system for you.
  • We provide expert witnesses with extensive experience of medical negligence* cases
  • We work with the best medical professionals in relation to medical reports
  • We work with the most experienced network of barristers available
  • We are a nationwide network and work with clients throughout Ireland

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