Accidents at Work

An accident at work can have many implications. Often people suffer ongoing physical consequences including longer term pain and injury. They may also suffer loss of income and incur a lot of medical expenses. Sometimes people initially feel reluctant about addressing a work injury as they don’t want to “cause any trouble” or they underestimate the effects an injury may have on them into the future. There are however, times when employers have failed to protect the health and safety of their staff in the workplace and may have been negligent in their duty. In these cases, an employee may feel the need to make a personal injury* claim. At Pilar, our solicitors will help and represent you as you make your claim.

Accidents at Work & Personal Injury*

At we work closely with clients in representing you and guiding you through the personal injury* claim process, minimising your stress and providing you with the best expert advice and support available.


What to Do After a Workplace Accident

It’s important to seek medical advice immediately and to let your employer know of the injury, if they are not already aware of it. You should write down what happened. You should not take responsibility for an accident if you believe you were not at fault.

It’s your employer’s responsibility to provide you with a safe and secure environment at work and adequate training to carry out your job. If they failed to do this and you suffered injury as a result, you may have grounds to make a personal injury* claim. At Pilar Solicitors, we have experienced experts who will deliver the best service to you and secure you the best result possible.

What can Pilar Solicitors Do for You?

We will listen and treat you with respect and dignity, no matter who you are or what your background is. Whether your injury occurred on the shop floor in the office, we have the experience in working with clients from a very wide range of professions and workplaces. We will give you an honest assessment of your situation and will be truthful with you about whether we think your claim can be successful. We talk in plain English and steer clear of jargon! We have extensive experience of the insurance industry and our experts can give you sound advice on your case. We will work with you in all areas of your claim.

  • We will work directly on your behalf, negotiating the legal system for you.
  • We can provide expert witnesses with extensive experience of personal injury* cases
  • We work with the best medical professionals in relation to medical reports
  • We work with the most experienced network of barristers available
  • We are a nationwide network and work with clients throughout Ireland

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