Expert Witnesses & Personal Injury Cases

How important is the role of an expert witness when it comes to personal injury* cases? What constitutes expert knowledge and who are the experts? We answer some of your questions about personal injury and the function of expert reporting and testimony.

When are Expert Witnesses Used?

In relation to a personal injury* claim, your solicitor may advise you of the need of the services of an expert witness. While you may have the testimony of a witness or witnesses in relation to an accident, for example, that testimony is based on their presence at the scene, rather than a specialised knowledge of the overall case or injury. Expert witnesses can be used, during the course of a personal injury* claim, as they will have specialist knowledge and training in a specific area. They will most likely be someone who has experience, advanced training and education. 

Choosing the Right Expert

In general, your solicitor will select and organise the services of any expert witnesses. At Pilar, we work a wide range of experts, in various fields, be it medical, workplace health and safety or psychology. We also deal with expert engineers and road safety experts, among others. It's important to chose a witness who has experience not only in their area, but also someone who has a background in writing expert witness reports and giving expert testimony in public. They need to be a good communicator and someone who can relay complex concepts to others. An expert witness can bring knowledge to a case, based on their experience and training. Choosing the right expert is vital. An expert witness should be a person who has respected opinion and who has been seen to use their knowledge in a fair and transparent manner. Your solicitor will guide you in choosing the right witness for your particular circumstances, as the expert testimony can prove vital in a personal injury* case. A good expert witness will:

  • Be able to give clear testimony, understandable by others
  • Be a good communicator
  • Understand the legal structure of a case and legal proceedings
  • Have experience of working with a legal team in a personal injury* case
  • Be confident and clear in their assessment of the injury 

Why Do You Need an Expert Witness?

Your solicitor will be able to determine if and when you need an expert witness. Sometimes an expert witness is needed to explain a medical or other report. In many cases, those defending personal injury* claims, will use expert witnesses in their defence and it's important to bring balance with your own expert testimony. Often cases, such as those involving medical negligence, are defended vigorously and it's vital to have the most up to date and expert opinion, when you make a claim. Your legal team want the best outcome for you and in doing so, they may call on other non-legal expertise, to deliver expert opinion on very precise issues. 

Expert evidence can be vital in pursuing a personal injury* claim. Your expert legal team may choose to engage other expertise in showing how the personal injury* sustained has affected your quality of life, ability to carry out work or physicial or mental health.

If you have suffered personal injury* due to the negligence of others, you may have a case to make a personal injury* claim. At Pilar our solicitors will advise you on whether we think you have grounds to make a claim. We will give you honest and expert opinion about all aspects of your case, using clear and jargon free language.

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